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We built Metripol specifically for property owners and managers: This means we set out to build a company that allows our users to get the marketing, expertise and support of a traditional broker without the price tag.


With the Metripol Dashboard, sellers can enjoy complete transparency and finally rest assured that they see any and all inquiries, showing requests and offers on their home straight away. All communication is relayed electronically in real time, and easily accessible on the Metripol Dashboard from any phone, tablet or desktop. After all, knowledge is power. Over are the days of keeping buyers and sellers in the dark...power to the people!

Ease of use

Who said selling real estate has to be complicated? Actually, it’s quite simple: We do the complicated and time-consuming heavy lifting, and deliver qualified buyers straight to your door. You don't have to do anything but walk them through your home to save a ton of money. Presumably you know it better than we do anyway...We do everything a traditional brokerage does - with the exception we allow you to order additional services a-la-carte. Such as the actual showing. And by doing so, we can minimize redundancy and cost, so you can keep the profits!

Fair Value

What if we told you we can sell your home with the same marketing prowess as the big box companies for a fraction of the cost? For starters, we don’t charge a percentage of your homes value. Why not? Because the marketing effort that goes into selling a $500,000 home and a $2.5M home are virtually the same. Ever asked yourself why it is that one will cost you up to $30,000 while the other is $150,000 to market?? Exactly...

A-la-carte services

Metripol is designed to put the power back into the hands of the consumers. Our services are offered a-la-carte - so you pay only for the services you need. Whether a one-off, last minute showing, or full service representation, Metripol offers maximum flexibility at a minimum price. Always a low, flat fee - never for a piece of your profit!


Metripol users enjoy the best marketing in the business, including exposure on the most powerful local, national and international advertising channels, totaling well over 2,000 websites. Coupled with the most sophisticated Real Time Tech platform in the industry, each home is featured with immersive 3D Virtual Tour technology:


    Metripol uses cutting edge 3D Virtual Tour Technology. This greatly reduces pointless showings, and allows tire kickers to kick tires from the comfort of their own home rather than yours. It also allow for overseas buyers to tour your home online, which coupled with Metripol’s Real Time Technology, allows for offers to be submitted from anywhere in the world. Why else do we have this stuff??


    Time is money! Not only are appointments booked and messages relayed with the click of a button: Offers are submitted electronically directly to you, the seller, in real time. 24/7, 365. No more phone calls, emails or unnecessary messages delaying the process. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?!?


    Metripol publishes your home on the biggest real estate sites worldwide. Coupled with 3D virtual tours and real time technology, our platform allows prospective buyers not only to tour, but to make offers on your property from anywhere in the world.

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  • Negotiation

    Metripol not only has a support team on staff including agents and consultants, but negotiation experts to help navigate any offers you receive. Whether you have questions regarding best practices, best-and-final procedures, or how to evaluate multiple offers, we are by your side to ensure you make the most prudent decision considering your personal circumstances.

  • Closing

    Your Metripol specialists are by your side throughout the sales process, and seamlessly initiate the closing process upon acceptance of an offer. This includes real time notification of attorneys, lenders, inspectors and buyer's brokers where necessary, to ensure no time is lost between offer acceptance, contract signing and closing.

  • Customer Support

    At Metripol you, our client, are front and center! Think of us as your personal consultant whenever you need one. Whether by phone, email, chat or in person, we're here to offer assistance, advice, clarification, or help navigating the sales process. And we’ve done this a lot, so you can rest assured knowing you have a team by your side.

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